Pictorial demonstration of how QLR Manager is used . . .
Create professional looking reports with minimal effort and the ability to sort based on any column.

QLR Manager is the powerful and affordable server based reporting tool for MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQLite3 databases, and other data sources using ODBC. The application is 100% HTTP server based and accessible using any newer, mainstream web browser without any workstation software to install. QLR is easily installed, even in shared hosting environments. If you lack SQL knowledge, our Wizard will allow you to create spectacular reports and the Layout panel can be used to enhance your report with titles, fonts, colors, report breaks, and add great looking Graphs.

As demonstrated below, User Menus can be created to organize:

Queries Individual reports optionally customized with a Layout.
Macros Collection of reports, each enclosed in their own twisty.
Forms Ability to Filter table rows, then add, edit or delete rows in your DB tables.

Menus can be associated with specific User IDs for simplification and to limit User access to sensitive data. Info hovers can be added to communicate details about the object. Many different types of Input controls can be Defined to Collect User input before execution. Subsequent report output can be Filtered and Report tools are available to email or download various formats.

If you desire assistance with installation or navigating some of the more advanced features of QLR, we offer consulting services to help. We can also get you started by authoring Queries, Macros or Forms to your specifications, and build your first User Menu.

If your interest is piqued, please take advantage of our free 30 day trial and experience for yourself... QLR Manager is the only data reporting tool you'll ever need!