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QLR Manager supports the creation of 3 tabular report styles with the capability to control many characteristics such as the title, column headings, footer, breaks, data formats, colors, page rows, etc.

In addition, data columns can be spread over multiple rows within a report, with each data column being able to span multiple report columns if desired.

The first three examples below were generated from the same query with the 3 different styles applied to illustrate the affect on the output. Fonts, colors and other attributes were modified to demonstrate what is achievable.

Standard layout:

A standard layout is the simple presentation of data in rows and columns. This example was formatted with a Break1 Action applied to the Region. The Break1 text was set to &c1 (referencing column 1) to substitute the current Region name as the Break text. The Plan, Actual and Target data have been "Summed".

First Quarter Sales Data
Region Month Plan Actual Target
Southeast January 9.0  6.0  9.6 
  February 7.0  8.0  7.5 
  March 9.0  11.0  9.6 
Southeast 25.0  25.0  26.8 
Southwest January 22.4  23.1  24.0 
  February 29.0  26.5  31.0 
  March 25.4  22.3  27.2 
Southwest 76.8  71.9  82.2 
TOTALS 101.8  96.9  108.9 
ABC Corp Confidential Page 1
Pivot layout:

A pivot layout spreads the values of the pivoted column across the page and creates a row of data for each of the other columns that have an Action, such as Sum, Maximum, Minimum, etc. In this example, the "Pivot" Action was applied to the MONTH column. This creates rows of data for the Plan, Actual, and Target columns and they have the "Sum" Action applied. A pivot layout will display data at the Break level.

First Quarter Sales Data
January February March Total
Southeast Plan 9.0  7.0  9.0  25.0 
  Actual 6.0  8.0  11.0  25.0 
  Target 9.6  7.5  9.6  26.8 
Southwest Plan 22.4  29.0  25.4  76.8 
  Actual 23.1  26.5  22.3  71.9 
  Target 24.0  31.0  27.2  82.2 
TOTALS Plan 31.4  36.0  34.4  101.8 
  Actual 29.1  34.5  33.3  96.9 
  Target 33.6  38.5  36.8  108.9 
ABC Corp   Confidential
Table layout:

A table layout spreads the values of the column specified as the "Table" column across the page horizontally. But, unlike the pivot layout, it creates column sets for each of the Action columns, such as Sum, Maximum, Minimum, etc. In this example, the Table Action has been applied to the MONTH column and the Region has been "Grouped".

First Quarter Sales Data
January February March Total
Plan Actual Target Plan Actual Target Plan Actual Target Plan Actual Target
Southeast 9.0  6.0  9.6  7.0  8.0  7.5  9.0  11.0  9.6  25.0  25.0  26.8 
Southwest 22.4  23.1  24.0  29.0  26.5  31.0  25.4  22.3  27.2  76.8  71.9  82.2 
TOTALS 31.4  29.1  33.6  36.0  34.5  38.5  34.4  33.3  36.8  101.8  96.9  108.9 
ABC Corp Confidential Page 1
Multiple Row:

A single row of data can also be spread over multiple lines and columns in a report. Data columns can span more than one report column when necessary.

first name last name  
city state zip
Freddy Jones  
77 Hardy Road  
Johnsonville NY 18760
Ferb Shimpimple  
1313 Mockingbird Lane  
Baton Rouge LA 40775
Daryl Johnson  
18 Main Street  
Rutland VT 09845
Pam Bromont  
9019 Chestnut Circle  
Raleigh NC 20346
Jennie Sherman  
2300 Capital Street  
Little Rock AR 39012
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You can launch the QLR Manager demo and create your own reports, charts and forms from Frank's Bait and Tackle database. After launching the demo, you'll notice some instructions on the Connect panel, including the User ID and Password. This area can be used by the Administrator to post instructions or messages for their users. Please click the link below to launch the demo.

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