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Before you download the product, please review the prerequisites for using QLR Manager:
Running PHP 4.1 or newer.
Available FREE from
Running these releases or newer of MySQL 3.23, Oracle 7, PostgreSQL 7.3, or MS SQL Server 2000.
MySQL is available FREE from
Oracle is available FREE at the Oracle Technology Network
PosgreSQL is available FREE from
We invite you to try our trial version of the Enterprise Edition FREE for 30 days. If you are upgrading from an existing product version, please see our FAQ concerning product migration.
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QLR Manager Version 9.6
 Install Packages 
Full Product Install:
  To upgrade any installation prior to Version 9.6, a full install of the package below is required. This is a free upgrade for Version 9 license holders. A new trial license will be required for license holders of earlier versions. Please see our FAQs about migrating to the latest version.
  We recommend our customers stay current with the newest versions of QLR Manager to take advantage of the latest features and performance improvements. To help you protect your investment and provide incentive to upgrade, we offer significant discounts. For example, a one version upgrade (v8 to v9) for the same product edition is discounted 60%. A two version upgrade (v7 to v9) will be discounted 20%.
Version 9.6:     ZIP for Windows  (32.91 MB)
       Request an e-mail with your  Trial License
TAR.GZ for Unix  (32.05 MB)
V9.6 Upgrade Pack:
  Due to the number of files that were updated for this release, no upgrade pack is being offered. A full install of version 9.6 is required to upgrade any earlier version. Please follow the instruction in our FAQs about migrating to the latest version.

If you currently have a license for an older version, please see our upgrade FAQ for information about upgrading to the latest version.

For information about installing a license file, please see our FAQs concerning license installation.

For installation help, please see the User's Guide. There are also some tips for installing php with Oracle support.

Archived QLR Versions
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