Frank's Baitshop Frank's merchandise Frank's Bait and Tackle is never likely to be listed on the NYSE, but Frank likes to use the same tools used by the big boys to manage his business. He keeps all his customer and inventory records in MySQL databases and uses QLR Manager to update those databases and generate reports. We've borrowed some of Frank's databases for this demo.

After launching the demo, you'll notice some instructions on the Connect panel, including the User ID and Password. This area can be used by the Administrator to post instructions or messages for their users. Please click the link below to launch QLR Manager.

Launch QLR Manager Demo

After using QLR Manager to author queries and modify their layouts to create professionally formatted reports, the resulting reports can be easily embedded into dynamic web pages produced using PHP. The following example illustrates how two reports, which were saved as queries with companion layouts using QLR Manager, can be inserted into a web page. With the Enterprise Edition, charts and graphs can also be dynamically produced and embedded into PHP pages. Click here for more information about Report Objects.

Example using Report Objects
QLR Manager can also be accessed directly using QLR Widgets. The following are examples of widgets authored in QLR Manager and directly accessible using links that can be easily created and included in your web page:
  Query Widget  Produces a single report with graph.
 Macro Widget  Produces two reports and prompts the User to select a query variable.
 Menu Widget  Presents a User Menu from which queries and macros can be selected.
More information about widgets is available in our User's Guide.