Chart Gallery
QLR Manager supports the creation of 6 basic chart styles in a variety of sizes ranging from 200x150 to 800x600 pixels, and can be oriented as either portrait or landscape.
Available with JpGraph & FusionCharts v3:
   Vertical bar
Horizontal bar
Mixed bar & line
Area fill
Scatter (XY plot)
  Available with FusionCharts v3 only:
   Donut charts
Scrolling vertical bar
3 dimensional charts

There are over 40 characteristics that can be modified to change the appearance of a chart. The following examples provide a sampling of what can be achieved. QLR version 7 introduced an interface to FusionCharts v3. An evaluation version of Fusion Charts is distributed with QLR Manager for demonstration purposes, but is licensed separately. Please visit Fusion Charts for more information.

Note: The following FusionCharts are a live demonstration with features that can be explored by clicking legend items to hide ranges or explode pie chart slices.

JpGraph licensed version bundled free with product.   FusionCharts v3 evaluation version bundled with product.
Licensed copy can be purchased separately from Fusion Charts.
Vertical bar chart
Vertical bar - stacked
Horizontal bar chart
Mixed bar & line
Area fill chart
Line chart
Pie chart
Scatter chart
More examples:
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Design forms to add, edit, or delete database records Form Styles
Free form layouts using nested reports or charts Custom Layouts
Reports or charts embedded into PHP web pages Report Objects
Want to see more?

You can launch the QLR Manager demo and create your own reports, charts and forms from Frank's Bait and Tackle database. After launching the demo, you'll notice some instructions on the Connect panel, including the User ID and Password. This area can be used by the Administrator to post instructions or messages for their users. Please click the link below to launch the demo.

Product Demo