Works with:
DB2, MySQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite3, and ODBC

QLR Manager is the affordable, yet powerful, server based    REPORT  ,    CHART   (using either JPgraph or FusionCharts) and    FORM   generator for DB2, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3 databases. It can also connect to a multitude of data sources using ODBC. In addition to its exceptional reporting capabilities, QLR Manager provides support for integrated e-mail distribution, making it a powerful communications tool. User Menus can be created to simplify report generation and limit user access to sensitive data. Forms can be created to add, edit and delete data in your database tables. The application is 100% HTTP server based and accessible using any newer, mainstream web browser. Accessing your databases has never been easier with its intuitive browser interface, and there is no client code to install and maintain. QLR Manager can be used as a stand alone product or as middleware to integrate    REPORT OBJECTS   into your website. Using QLR Widgets, you can directly embed reports and other objects into Content Management Systems, such as Drupal, simply by copying and pasting a secure link generated by QLR Manager.

Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies, universities, government agencies, to the individual user. Come and experience what they already know...  QLR Manager is the flexible and powerful, yet affordable reporting, charting and communications tool.

Below is a working example of a QLR Manager Report. This is an example of a Query using a set of Input Controls with Layout formatting applied to the Report along with a FusionChart to graph the data. It is integrated into this page using a QLR Widget, which can be created with just a few mouse clicks. Make your Input Control selections and click Continue to see this in action. While viewing the Report, be sure to click Report Tools to see everything you can do with the Report.
Version 10 is now available . . .
Features include:
•   All QLR Manager output is now HTML5 compliant.
•   Redesigned User Interface with smoother operation.
•   Fully compatible with PHP 7.
•   Ability to quickly and easily filter report output.
•   Report output can be saved as "Report Cubes".
For more information about changes in this version, please see Version History.
The Enterprise Edition of  QLR Manager is available for a FREE 30 day trial. We invite you to launch the Online Demo of Frank's Bait Shop. If your interest is piqued, please Download the product, install it on your server, and take advantage of our free trial license.

QLR Manager provides the following capabilities and much more...

Author and save individual or batches of SQL queries.
Create powerful queries without any knowledge of SQL.
Format reports by creating and saving layouts.
Select from numerous chart styles to graph your data (Enterprise Edition).
Create a variety of output types, such as e-mail, HTML, XML, and CSV files.
Create macros to run multiple saved queries and their associated layouts.
Organize queries and macros into menus for your users.
Control access and selectively limit user authorities.
Integrate e-mail distribution (Enterprise Edition).
Create input controls to capture user input (Enterprise Edition).
Embed QLR Manager reports into your PHP generated web pages.
Import data to your tables using a variety of delimited file formats (Enterprise Edition).
Create QLR Widgets to share queries, macros, menus and Forms with other users (Enterprise Edition).
Design forms to add, edit, or delete data in a database table (Enterprise Edition).
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